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Put down that pen.
It's time to take your kitchen management digital.

Meet Chefstein® – your digital kitchen assistant.

Chefstein® saves time, money and resources in professional kitchens and helps you make profitable business decisions. It organises daily kitchen tasks, monitors food safety and helps track and reduce food waste in new efficient and effortless ways. Because you have better things to do.

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Chefstein® features

Kitchen workflow

Save time for everyone in your professional kitchen. Chefstein® organizes daily kitchen tasks digitally so that even HACCP becomes automatic.

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Food safety

Automate food safety at your restaurant with digital sensors. Chefstein® monitors critical control points 24/7 to prevent safety compromises.

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Know exactly where your kitchen hygiene stands. Chefstein® measures it in seconds and turns hygiene data into knowledge and new routines.

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Food waste

Make food waste reduction an effortless reality. Chefstein® tracks how and why food waste is generated so that profitable decisions can be made to prevent it.

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