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Chefstein® showroom: see digital kitchen management in action

Welcome on-site to experience the Chefstein® effect in a commercial kitchen! Our real-life simulation shows how Chefstein® works side-by-side with a chef at a fast-casual burger restaurant. Enter the virtual Chefstein® showroom for a first-hand feel for how it handles digital kitchen management and produces data and knowledge for smart business decision-making!

Chef looking at ipad in the kitchen in the morning to find out the daily tasks.
Chefstein® helps the chef and the entire kitchen team get organized for the day ahead.

Chefstein® showroom is about a day in the life of a chef, or of any other commercial kitchen team member. The day involves a surprisingly high number of tasks. And that’s in addition to creating the flavor experiences that make loyal restaurant customers come back, time after time. There is always a lot to remember and to organize.  

Chefstein®, by Fredman, is a digital kitchen management solution designed to help orchestrate the daily operations and business management of a commercial kitchen, either at a single site or a multinational chain. It works well for all types of food service businesses: whether a café, canteen, fast-food chain, fine-dining restaurant, hotel, cruise liner or catering business – or anything in between – and across all business sizes.

Given the individual nature of a food service businesses combined with the complexity of kitchen tasks – requirements for quality, safety, hygiene and HACCP standards and pressure to minimize food waste – things can really heat up in the kitchen.  

How can you manage all of your kitchen operations digitally? How can you use your own kitchen data for strategic decision making for your business?  Here’s how…

Chefstein® showroom is a walk-through of digital kitchen management

Phases in the day of a chef, completing hygiene readings from a chopping board, chopping tomatoes, measuring food waste on a smart scale and reporting Chefstein findings to restaurant manager in a meeting.
Manage your commercial kitchen with data and knowledge
gathered from the daily workflow.

In order to demonstrate exactly how you take control of your kitchen and food service business, we have created a virtual Chefstein® showroom.

Enter the demo to follow the day of a chef at a burger restaurant and see how Chefstein® helps you to:  

  • Plan, complete and review daily kitchen tasks for maximum efficiency.
  • Make receiving deliveries easier than ever.
  • Ensure food safety, hygiene and HACCP is as automated as possible.
  • Leave 24/7 appliance monitoring to someone else (ie. Chefstein®).
  • Keep food quality control and consistency top of mind.
  • Manage, analyze and minimize your food waste.
  • Grow your business and keep customers coming back again and again!

Do yourself a favor! Come find out how Chefstein® can help make life easier for you and your entire kitchen team by helping you to easily manage your entire kitchen operations digitally! Click  here

Chefstein® is a digital kitchen management solution that is easy to use for both kitchen staff and management. It saves time, money and resources while improving profitability and helping you run your kitchen sustainably with real-time data and knowledge.

Step into the virtual Chefstein showroom and see how it could help you manage your kitchen with knowledge.

Enter showroom