Food waste, reduced

Reducing food waste is now more important than ever. It is a means towards improved food security, lower greenhouse gas emissions, while relieving the pressure on water and land resources. In the foodservice industry, reducing food waste is essential for growing a sustainable business.

Chefstein® can help you track your food waste and monitor why and how food is being wasted – so you can make necessary adjustments to prevent it.

Our Smart Scale fits beneath your existing waste bins to efficiently automate waste management. It is wireless, portable and easy to install so that you can immediately start to monitor and analyze your food waste production in real-time.

With Chefstein® you can implement your food waste monitoring plan without drastically changing your operations.

Chefstein® accessories

Chefstein® Smart Scale

  • Wireless
  • Automatic food waste data transfer to Chefstein
  • Scale fits easily beneath waste bins

Automatic food waste monitoring

  • Analyze long term trends
  • Save costs