Daily kitchen tasks, rethought

Chefstein® was built to ease your kitchen’s workflow. With an adaptable and user-friendly interface, Chefstein® allows you to efficiently digitize your manual kitchen tasks in three key areas of your kitchen operations: Food Waste, Hygiene, and Food Safety. And it lets you know when something needs attention.

With the Chefstein® dashboards you and your staff can easily view and manage your daily workflow. The dashboard shows a brief overview of your critical information:

  • checklists for daily tasks 
  • active alarms for the monitoring of your critical control points 
  • hygiene for your recent trends incleanliness. 
  • food waste data for your sustainability goals.

All your restaurant operations data and documents, such as your HACCP plan are accessible 24/7 from any web-enabled device – making pen and paper a thing of the past!