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Lean, clean hygiene!

Rock-solid hygiene routines are imperative for a smoothly running, spotless kitchen. Chefstein® can help your kitchen establish seamless hygiene practices to minimize food borne illnesses and other potential hazards at all your critical control points, keeping your staff and guests safe and your reputation intact.

In addition to enabling digital management of hygiene-related tasks, Chefstein® also integrates with our handheld digital probe, an ATP luminometer that measures the cleanliness of your kitchen surface areas in a less than 20 seconds, and uploads the data automatically to the Chefstein® platform.

Data reports can be easily accessed from your dashboard so you can see trends over time and ensure that your HACCP routines are working properly.

Chefstein® accessories

ATP Luminometer

  • Easy to use
  • Check surface hygiene in less than 10s!
  • Hygiene data automatically recorded in Chefstein®

Seamless data integration with Chefstein®

  • Follow hygiene trends over time