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Design updates​

Release note: New Task page with Completed Task section and detailed Appliance page as a part of our design renewal ​

We now have following two new features for web version of Chefstein® as a part of our design renewal:​

  • Task page: This release contains the new “Completed tasks” section that complements our home page with better visibility and filtering. ​
  • Appliance page: Similar to above, this forms a new page that complements the existing home page and lets you view your appliances in more detail. This page will be further refined in the near future – like giving you the possibility to view average temperatures and temperature charts. ​
  • These features are not yet available in Chefstein® mobile app. ​

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care team: ​

  • We are open: Monday to Friday 8 am-4 pm​
  • Phone number: +358 10411 0680 (cost: 8,35cent/phone call + 16,69cent/min VAT 24%)​
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