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Restaurant Manager, where are your important documents?

Lots of papers and docs all over? The volume of documents a Restaurant Manager or food service Business Owner needs to keep and work with can be head-spinning:  self-monitoring plans, cleaning and hygiene instructions, certificates, printouts for received goods, recipes, training manuals and a myriad of other legally required documents. How can you upgrade document management from a practice of ‘all over the place’ to ‘smooth and efficient’ – and save time and nerves as a bonus? It’s about openness, and Chefstein®.

Kitchen team getting ready for a health inspector visit.

Many Restaurant Managers and food service Business Owners are likely to be very familiar with the following scenario: 

A health inspector visit is approaching to ensure all required self-monitoring and HACCP processes are in order. Both Restaurant Manager and Head Chef are frantically trying to gather all the required data and documents from various hand-written notes, temperature checklists, and goods delivery documentation.  

“They must be here somewhere”,

they jointly mumble while looking for the documentation in folders, drawers, fridge doors, emails, the Intranet and personal folders on laptops. Luckily, they manage to scrape together all the needed papers, including all the necessary meter readings and other data. Most of the hand-writing is readable, too. Some last-minute corrections to last quarter’s data are needed. 

The effort to prepare for the health inspector visit took, all in all, took an entire day of person-hours. Meanwhile, other important routine responsibilities were given little or no attention. 

Document management in one place, in Chefstein®, to the rescue! 

The above scenario need not (and should not) need to happen. Ever again.

Part of the beauty of Fredman’s digital kitchen management solution, Chefstein®, is that in addition to its role as a genius business management aide, it also acts as a super convenient document management solution. One that has been tailored to suit the needs of restaurant and food service business management. 

Some familiar business processes that rely on specific documentation and instructions can be turned into efficient processes like never before!

Health inspector visits require no prep for Restaurant Manager = game changer! 

Restaurant Manager or Chef checking appliance temperatures digitally stored in Chefstein.
Chef checking automatically recorded fridge temperatures on the tablet.

With Chefstein®, health inspector visits and follow-up can be completely re-vamped. The additional, timely benefit of this new approach is that it launches a new era of openness with authorities and internally within the business. As data is gathered and stored as an automatic daily process, it is always available to everyone who needs to see it, and always accurate. 

  • Access all data from daily temperature checks and cleaning tasks digitally, whenever needed. Forget about print-outs, handwriting and messy folders (physical and digital)! 
  • Create user profiles for health inspectors on Chefstein®. They can prepare for inspections by studying all required plans and monitoring data in advance. Dramatic time-savings for all! 
  • Instant access to the needed documents and data for as many sites of the same business as needed. Could this eliminate the need to travel?!

Always up-to-date instructions and manuals

The restaurant industry and a temporary workforce go hand in hand, which calls for robust onboarding and staff training processes, and these often fall on the plate of the Restaurant Manager. Detailed manuals are helpful in getting new employees up to speed. Except for when things change or processes are adjusted.

More often than not there is a need to update a page or a few in food safety and hygiene manuals, workflow charts, order forms etc. The risk of training new team members based on training materials that aren’t the most recent ones increases as version control gets complex. And really annoying.

Chefstein®’s “Documents” feature is a straight-forward solution for storing instructions, manuals – or any kind of business management document. Within the feature it is possible to create a simple folder structure for types of documents. As a document is updated or changed, you simple delete the old version, replace it with the new one and it is instantly available to all users across all sites.

Efficient document management on the side of holistic, responsible kitchen management 

Chef enjoying a cup of coffee while checking the day’s tasks and admiring the systematically stored temperature data from kitchen appliances and ingredients.

It’s as simple as it sounds: implementing systematic but easy document management via a holistic kitchen management solution like Chefstein® can win back a lot of time and resources. Additionally, giving health inspectors access to the data is an unforeseen act of openness. It positions the business as a responsible player that takes food safety and customer care as seriously as possible, and speeds up the inspection process for both parties. 

Your life as a more stress-free Restaurant Manager or Business Owner is just a few clicks away! 

Do yourself a favor and let Chefstein® help you take control of your documents, processes and data, while also enjoying the added freedom of automated monitoring and storage of key data such as appliance temperatures, gathered quietly 24/7, via Chefstein®’s wireless sensors.

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