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Xmas delivery: reusable Chefstein® by Medanta masks

Next-level kitchen safety and hygiene is the new normal in the food service business. Staff in kitchens and front-of-house wear masks daily, sanitize surfaces endlessly and generally do all they can to ensure guests enjoy safe dining. However, such requirements can sometimes feel uncomfortable, both physically and as a sense of responsibility. Fredman delivered some helpful Season’s Greetings this week, the Chefstein® by Medanta masks, aimed to be both practical and comfortable.

Chef Karoliina grating carrots at Lahella Deli
Chef Karoliina busy preparing lunch at Lähellä Deli in Kauniainen, Finland.

Comfortable and stylish safety and hygiene

In true festive season spirit, Fredman team members have been delivering innovative, reusable antimicrobial masks to our business customers in Finland. The Chefstein® by Medanta masks introduce top level safety to the daily work of food professionals, but they also feel pleasant to wear. Style is not compromised either, as the masks definitely look the part!

Chef Karoliina and owner Päivi wearing masks at Lähellä Deli cafe
Chef Karoliina and Lähellä Deli Founder and Co-owner Päivi all set to safely serve customers with freshly baked goodies.

Partnering with the innovative Finnish antimicrobial textile specialist, Medanta*, Fredman had the professional-level masks produced with the signature wordmark of its newest innovation, a digital kitchen management solution, Chefstein®, printed on the side of the mask.  

The Chefstein® by Medanta masks utilize innovative antimicrobial technology, a comfortable microfiber and have a filter with 95% bacterial filtration efficiency. The antimicrobial technology helps prevent droplet transfer, helping both guests and staff feel safer.

Hand-made carelian pies on display at Lähellä Deli
Päivi putting traditional Finnish Karelian pastries on display.

Big picture from masks to digital kitchen management

“Fredman designed Chefstein® to enhance the efficiency of commercial kitchens, particularly within the key operational areas of food safety, hygiene and food waste. Digital kitchen management is one dimension of such efficiency, completed by additional, high-quality professional accessories. The reusable, antimicrobial Chefstein® and Medanta mask is an example of such innovative equipment. It allows food service professionals to focus on their professional passion for creating good food while easily managing safety and hygiene without discomfort,” says Ann Plough, Marketing Director at Fredman Perfect Kitchen.  

At the start of a commercial kitchen innovation journey

The antimicrobial Chefstein® masks are the first result of the Fredman and Medanta partnership, which in time will extend to cover other innovative professional textile solutions. Both companies share a mutual commitment to top quality standards.  

The mask collaboration is a natural extension of the Fredman vision of striving for the perfect kitchen. Living and breathing kitchens for the last 20 years, the Fredman offering covers everything from digital kitchen management solutions and automation devices to intelligent everyday commercial and home kitchen essentials.

Fredman Chef de Cuisine Ville Parkkinen with Chefstein and Medanta masks
Ville Parkkinen, Fredman’s in-house Chef getting ready to deliver masks and Season’s Greetings to food service businesses.

The Fredman team is out delivering the Chefstein® and Medanta masks to customers, together with a Seasons Greeting this week — from a safe distance and wearing stylish, reusable antimicrobial masks, of course.

Fredman wishes everyone a delicious, comfortable and safe holiday season!

*More about our partner Medanta:

Established in 2008, Medanta is known particulrly for its innovative antimicrobial and comfortable workwear for the health care and food service industries. The company’s vision is to become a global leader in sustainable workwear production.

Medanta, with its headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, employs some 20 people and generates a turnover of roughly 3,6 million euros.