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Sweden, time to take professional kitchen management digital!

The benefits running more profitable and sustainable food service businesses are clear from the experiences of thousands of professional kitchens in Finland using Chefstein®. The exciting news is that businesses in Sweden can now get on board the innovative service, too.

Chefstein® has helped chefs and kitchen staff in Finland to re-focus on their passion for food. Simultaneously it optimises HACCP and food waste in new ways. Leading kitchens with real data and knowledge is the new black!

For 25 years, the family-owned Fredman Group has worked closely with restaurant management and professional kitchen teams in businesses of all sizes in Finland. Emerging from customer needs to find more efficient ways to manage kitchen operations, HACCP in particular, Fredman created Chefstein® as a holistic solution.

The SaaS (Software as a Service) innovation has helped Finnish food and restaurant businesses streamline kitchen routines and processes. It has also helped its users reduce food waste by at least 20%, on average.

Now Fredman is excited to pave the way for fast and casual restaurants in Sweden towards a new, digital era of business management with Chefstein®. The first customer projects are already progressing well.

Chefstein® turns data into valuable business intelligence

Arto Mustikkaniemi, Chief Business Officer International, Fredman Group
Arto Mustikkaniemi, Chief Business Officer International, Fredman Group

Chefstein® takes care of the many necessary and mandatory measurements that must be performed in professional kitchens. Such automated reporting increases safety, reduces food waste, and provides more time for chefs to focus on preparing tasty and nutritious meals”, says Arto Mustikkaniemi, Chief Business Officer International, Fredman Group.

Wireless sensors and probes in key kitchen control points automatically collect data, which is then stored in Chefstein®. For instance, temperature data – from when ingredients are received and stored to when dishes are served to the customer – becomes valuable knowledge. It is critical in ensuring fail-proof food safety and that HACCP and self-monitoring processes are followed, based on local legal requirements.

Taco Bell in Finland is a prime example of making the most of Chefstein®’s measurement data.

Climate-smart choice for growing a sustainable food business

In addition to streamlining daily kitchen tasks and automating various criticial measurements for risk prevention, Chefstein® is a climate-smart solution for food waste management.

With Chefstein®, Finnish professional kitches have been able to to reduce food waste in their professional kitchens by at least 20%. It helps them meet sustainability targets while providing data for profitable business decisions. An example of this is the lSS-run lunch restaurant, Fero, in Helsinki. Read the story on how food waste management has become routine there with Chefstein® Smart Scale.

Widest digital kitchen management offering in Sweden

Per-Henrik Hagberg CEO, Fredman Group
Per-Henrik Hagberg, CEO, Fredman Group

”Sweden is a leader in food tech in the Nordics, but only few companies in the sector offer digitised processes and especially automation of recurring tasks for professional kitchens. With that said, there is room for us in Sweden. Our plan is to expand in the Nordic region and thereafter in Europe”, says Per-Henrik Hagberg, CEO of Fredman Group.

Fredman believes that commercial restaurant and hotel chains wihin the fast and casual sector in Sweden, in particular, would benefit from the possibility of standardising and digitalising various kitchen processes with Chefstein®. However, the solution has a lot to offer to public sector institutions such as schools, healthcare and elderly care, too.

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