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Release note: Automatic cooling tasks for coolers – mobile app version 2.1.0

Dear Chefstein® user,

Summer is almost here and before we head into the holidays, we wanted to share our latest news with you! Below check out our latest feature allowing you to document the details of cooling events. In addition, kindly take a note about getting ready for summer and more information about our customer support availability during the summer months.

Chefstein® updates – new cooling feature!

In our efforts to make Chefstein® even better, we are now launching a feature that allows you to document the details of cooling events.

Now every time you cool food in your cooling appliances with automated temperature measurements, Chefstein® will automatically create a new cooling task for the day.

This lets you record what food was cooled, and offers the possibility to add notes or pictures. Once the cooling is completed Chefstein® will automatically record the time duration, as well as start/end temperature of the event into the task for record keeping. You can also perform the task after the actual cooling has taken place.

Please download the latest version v2.1.0 of the Chefstein® application from Google Play or AppStore for this new functionality to work seamlessly.

Prep your Chefstein® for the Summer Holiday

Please note these 4 things before your holiday:

  • If you switch off specific appliances for summer, turn off the measuring point from Chefstein® with Device in use: Yes/No -feature before switching off the actual appliance. This way you will avoid getting unnecessary high temperature -alarms in Chefstein®. You can turn off the measuring point from Chefstein® main page by opening the appliance view.
  • If needed, the administrator may modify who receives alarm notifications. Forward the alarms to a person, who can react to them.
  • You may turn off all appliances’ measuring points by turning off the entire site. The administrator can do this from Settings >  Site settings > Site open: Yes/No. If there are any scheduled tasks, they will appear once you open the site again
  • If needed, the administrator can reschedule tasks to start again after the summer holiday. This can be done in Settings > Task settings > Pick a task > Choose new starting day from calendar > Save.

Our Customer Care team will help you through the summer – please note a few exceptions below:

Our Customer Care team helps you as usual through summer apart from few exceptions.

  • We are open: Monday to Friday 8 am-4 pm
  • Phone number: +358 10411 0680 (cost: 8,35cent/phone call + 16,69cent/min VAT 24%)
  • Email:

Exceptional opening hours:  

  • Tuesday 1st of June, our phone lines are closed due to staff training – we do our best to respond shortly to any emails that are sent during that time.  
  • Friday 25th of June, closed (Mid Summer Eve)

Wishing you a nice summer,

Elisa, Linda and Sessa from Fredman Food tech Customer Care